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Employment History and Specialty Consumer Reports

Our last two MONEY TEAM TIPS covered a variety of specialty consumer reporting agencies.  Now we will look at reports that have information about your employment history. You need to give an employer or potential employer written permission before they can look at these reports.
Specialty agencies are required to provide a toll free phone number for ordering your report.  Some reports are free and others will be provided for a small fee. To get a more complete list of the specialty reporting agencies, go this link at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Here are a few of agencies that keep employment history information. Use the link above for a more complete list.

ACCURATE conducts background checks and will provide a free report if you receive an adverse action.

EARLY WARNING provides information about financial institution employees. If they have information about you at this service, you can get one free report each year.

EMPLOYEE SCREEN IQ is a pre-employment screening service.

HIRE RIGHT does background screening and will give you one free report each year.

FIRST ADVANTANGEis a background screening service and will give you one free report each year.

LEXIS NEXIS provides employment history reports for legal, risk management, corporations, government and academic employers. They will provide one free report each year. (LexisNexis.com) 

If the employer takes “adverse action” by not hiring you because of information in your report, you will get a notice which will allow you to get a free copy of the report. The notice will include information on how to contact the reporting agency that supplied the report. If you were not hired because of something in the report and you find that the information was wrong, you need to ask to have it corrected.

It is important to have your information in consumer specialty reports correct. If it is not correct, you may have trouble getting insurance, renting an apartment or finding a new job. If the information is not correct, file a dispute. When you file a dispute, send it to the specialty reporting agency and to the company who supplied the information. Never send original papers and send your dispute by certified mail.

If you do not get the issue resolved, you can tell the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Use this link to learn more about how this is done: